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Question No. 1

Which four actions must you perform to access Active Directory (AD) in order to create appropriate authentication permissions?

Answer: A, C, D, E

Configuring the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for AD Access

(E) In order to create the appropriate authentication objects and permissions, the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance should be configured to access AD. The DNS service plays a large role in AD and the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance must therefore be configured to use the Windows DNS Service.

(D) Clock synchronization is also important for correct AD operation. Clock skew between the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and the AD Domain Controllers must be less than 15 minutes for a successful AD join. It is highly recommended to install a Network Time Protocol (NTP) service and to configure the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and the AD domain controllers to become clients of the service.


References:, page 6-7

Question No. 2

How can you create an alert in the browser user interface (BUI) for monitoring pool usage based on capacity percent used?

Answer: C

To configure alerts, add an Alert Action (BUI)


Question No. 3

Which three technologies make it possible for Oracle ZFS Appliance to improve backup and restore rates for an Oracle Exadata Database Machine?

Answer: B, D, E

High performance is an important consideration when choosing a solution to protect an Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The following technologies make it possible for the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance to achieve these backup and restore rates:

References:, page 5

Question No. 4

Which statement describes the preceding diagram?

Answer: C

Figure: Clustered ZS5-4 controllers with two HBAs connected to multiple DE2-24 disk shelves in four chains


Question No. 5

A storage administrator wants to maintain access to a controller regardless of its state by locking its management interface to make it private.

Identify two steps that you must perform to lock the management IP.

Answer: C, D

Locking Cluster Management Interfaces (BUI)

After initial configuration, clustered controllers are in an active-active state. When a failover occurs, an active controller takes over all non-private interfaces, and the peer controller becomes passive and inaccessible by its BUI and CLI. To maintain access to a controller regardless of its state, lock its management interface to make it private. The following procedure locks the management interface on each clustered controller.


Question No. 6

Which two features are available when ZFS Storage Appliances are clusters?

Answer: A, D

As an alternative to incurring hours or days of downtime while the head is repaired, clustering allows a peer appliance to provide service while repair or replacement is performed.

Clusters support rolling upgrade of software, which can reduce the business disruption associated with migrating to newer software.

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